The first ever ‘The Remnant Alliance’ meet-up is planned for this summer in San Jose, California on Saturday June 23rd. The meet-up is primarily for the launching of T.R.A.’s Christian fellowship group that is focused on the gathering of the disenfranchised and scattered sheep of the body of Christ.

We at T.R.A. recognize there are many scattered sheep Christians who have left the apostate church and who are searching for like-minded true believers of the faith. We are providing this meetup event to coalesce believers throughout California and beyond and provide an organized setting for connecting, fellowship, encouragement and exhortation of the remnant body of Christ.

It has been the prompting in my heart by the Holy Spirit since the summer of 2015, and more recently at an east-coast Bible and prophecy conference in early 2016 along with other pastoral leadership, to create an anchor group or alliance in order to gather those who have left the apostate church. I’ve met many who have been unable to connect with a church or fellowship that still preaches and holds to the Word of God alone (sola scriptura).  This meet-up is for true believers without fellowship and who’s search is to be separate from the compromised church to connect with like-minded Christians. I believe there is both a sense of urgency and necessity for this meet up as well as the obedience of those hearing this same prompting of the Spirit to share this information and get the word out. The Remnant

Our scheduled guest speaker is Pastor Marco Quintana of Community Church of Devore. Community Church of Devore and Plumas Lake House Church are co-hosts to this event also in partnership with us are pastoral leaders from Sacramento’s The Remnant Alliance Capital City fellowship (launch of T.R.A. Cap-City TBA). Our combined hope is to use the meet up as a launching pad for regular future meet ups, and a possible mini-conference in the fall of 2016 in San Bernardino, California.

Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain..

Meetup Location