Today I read over an email from a sister from Kentucky and the story is the same, she like many other true believers in Christ are no longer finding their church are continuing in the Way of faith but are drifting from it. First slowly then what some seems to be at breakneck speed. It’s astonishing to see but not at all surprising since this was all foretold through prophecy by Christ in the book of Matthew chapter 24.

The funny thing, well not ‘haha’ funny but very curious thing I have noticed is Christians think this deception is speaking specifically to the obvious cults such as the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and to the New Agers, as well as others. No people, read the whole text in context, it is talking about us, the church the body of Christ. The great falling away is at hand. More likely than not in your own church under your own noses. wolf_in_sheeps_clothing