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Recently The Remnant Alliance received a love  offerings from a brother and a sister in the Lord to support this ministry. We are so grateful for their generous giving which actually funded the purchase of audio equipment for building the YouTube internet radio show that will be launching soon. That Internet radio program will be titled Remnant Alliance Radio.

The purpose of our web radio program is to provide its listeners with intriguing dialogue and interviews with scholars and teachers, with superior bible teaching and exposition as well as fundamental instruction on how to respond to the anti-Christian policies arising within schools, government, the workplace and in the world.

How are we to respond to a harsh and soon persecuting new western world?  How will Bible believing Christians respond to the demands to fall into step with a world gone mad and forcing us to renounce everything we believe in, so that others aren’t offended at hearing the truth?

How do we avoid compromise in the midst of persecution? And how will we keep the faith in the end times?  This and many more subjects to be discussed on the future Remnant Alliance Radio.