It is more than amazing to know that it is in our lifetime the thought police have been dispatched.

“Those seeking to eliminate our right to speech and freedom of assembly through membership in this coalition are: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, The New York Times,  Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, CNN, ABC News of Australia, ProPublica, AFP, The Telegraph, France Info, Breaking News, Le Monde’s Les Decodeurs, International Business Times UK, Eurovision News Exchange and Al Jazeera Media Network..”

Are you as astonished as I that as of midnight September 30th your opinion, your expression through the written and spoken word on social media and across the internet is now targeted to be penalized, shut down, stopped and in some countries of the world like France, chargeable as a crime?. That’s right, your freedom of speech rights no longer belong to you but to ICANN, and to the globalists.  You can say thanks to the POTUS, he successfully, against congress ever having a say, gave away your freedom of speech and expression and ownership of the U.S. created internet and the right to spreading the gospel to anti-christ powers. Say good-riddance to the world wide web as we know it.

At any time now we will begin seeing Facebook pages on lockdown or terminated all together because of anyone’s difference of opinion against the minority globalists.  It has already targeted and been experienced by Christians like Understanding the Times spokesperson Jan Markell when she was recently shutdown on Facebook for expressing her biblical views regarding Islam.

We’ve all been put on notice that our thoughts, voicing of opinion through the written and recorded word can and will be silenced. Orwell’s 1984 has been coming to fruition since I was in high school back in the 70’s but is now here in full force. It’s ugly, disconcerting at best but very much like the evil AI (artificial Intelligence) ‘Skynet’ of the Terminator movie. We are no longer in control but the prince of the power of the air is manifest in our technological society.

Just a thought on how interesting that the bible says Satan himself is called the prince of the power of the air for we know that sound travels through different mediums and the most used one being air through radio, our voices, youtube etc. It seems Satan’s power over the air waves is readily accomplished through control of our thought’s and opinion and the expression thereof. His power of the air is circumambient, controlling us on all sides makes him all encompassing throughout this world system. thought_police_02

With that said it is no surprise then that this is happening now and prophetically fulfilling bible prophecy thousands of years ago, aimed obviously at those who would oppose controlling this very important freedom  which is necessary to spread the gospel of the kingdom.

Ours is another kingdom and another world where all are invited into forgiveness of sin(s) and given eternal life through the salvation message of Jesus Christ. Who would oppose that message more than anyone? and who are the agents of this opposition to the gospel message? They are the sons of disobedience. The spirit of this present world is against all things good, pure and holy. Satan is behind this move to silence mankind, Christians in particular who would come against what he is ultimately trying to do, which is deceive the masses into believing in a false messiah.

It’s past time to find another way to communicate the gospel of the kingdom. The time is short preach the gospel and make disciples of all men. Do not be silent, preach the gospel to every last being and to anyone who will hear you. God is with us, who can be against us?