Roger Oakland of Understand the Times October 7, 2016 Update

This recent update, is a must listen to from Roger Oakland, on the latest news that should once again greatly concern us regarding the Roman Catholic Church and the preparation of the nations for a one world religion to eventually coincide with the one-world government.

Also in this audio recording report is the latest frightening workings of social media giants and technology companies; IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon in bringing the machinations of controlling the masses through their systems. We all have a part in social media to one degree or another through our computers, cellphones and other devices and these technology monoliths are bringing their brand of social media interaction to a whole new level; AI (artificial intelligence).

We have been groomed to accept this interaction and soon coming control of artificial intelligence. It’s no joke folks! the prophetic book ‘1984’ by Orwell and movies such as Terminator are no longer contained in the entertainment of a Sci-fi movie but are real and ready to be used on us should we not comply with the powers of this world system and Anti-christ.