With the idiotic hand over of our free speech rights of the internet to ICANN and the recent DDOS online attack that blocked access to many popular and major websites, has anyone really seriously considered and made backup plans for communication? We’ve been hearing for years about real possible threats from our enemies with the use of EMP’s that would shut us all down and possibly send us all back to the Stone Age, especially the millennial’s whose faces and fingers are glued to their electronic devices like an ostrich is with its head in the sand. hqdefault

I and a very few like-minded friends are considering and making plans that would enable us to continue to communicate the gospel and important information that needs to be passed along when this happens, not if this happens but when, because it will.

We encourage The Remnant Alliance, and our Christian friends across the world to get their old-school, pre-Internet thinking caps on and grease those rusty cogs of their minds a thinking on these matters. It may not be so odd to see what the ‘preppers’ have got going.