This past September 2016 I was blessed beyond belief to be able to attend the ‘Keeping the Faith in the End Times’ conference at Community Church of Devore in Southern California, hosted by Pastor Marco Quintana with speakers Jacob Prasch, David Nathan and Marco. It was the first conference Marco had hosted and let me say what an absolutely glorious conference it was! It was also the second meet up of the Remnant Alliance, a ministry arm of CCOD, whose aim is to reach out to disenfranchised and scattered sheep, to encourage and support communication between true believers of Biblical Christianity, and to exhort one another to remain faithful to the faith once given to us, that is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

The conference was truly extraordinary! The teaching exceptional! Absolutely outstanding in every respect! Many questions I had been silently wrestling with found answers there. Above all, it gave me hope for the church. That the Lord WILL find a faithful bride without spot or blemish when He returns, however it will only be a faithful remnant.

I’ve come away realising, the church here so desperately needs to be revived. Revived by God’s Word, and by His Spirit. We have stopped being salt and light. It’s time for us to wake up out of our slumber and stop playing church and start being the church. Only the latter is going to suffice in the day and age we find ourselves in. We need to have our love rekindled anew. Our love for the Lord, our love for each other, and our love for the lost.

Each message at the conference was incredibly timely! And perhaps most important of all, this wasn’t just about knowledge for knowledge’s sake. This was about drawing nearer to our Lord, keeping a closer walk with Christ, bringing us into a deeper relationship with Him.

David Nathan gave us quite a well needed but loving rebuke in his first message to us. It was at that moment I knew I was meant to be there. Tears of repentance streamed down my face. I have never, ever, before been in a meeting where I saw the Lord so evidently working among us, orchestrating people’s gifts to build up and edify the body. And when Marco spoke afterwards and David Nathan prayed for us, all I can say is wow!

There were so many moments at this conference that I continue to cherish and ponder in my heart. And it was so good to see Jacob back in action. There were many wonderful light-hearted moments of fun and fellowship too. Such as Jacob singing ‘Guantanamera’ during a sound check, and David Nathan having his first (and last) Dr. Pepper! I loved being able to sit in on the Missions School class with Marco Quintana on our return visit to Devore (what an incredible blessing it was!!! sign me up!!!). I’m hoping they may be able to offer this online in the near future. Other highlights included Bible study at Danny Isom’s, dinner with Marco and his family, meeting Andre, having so much fun with Matthew and Tish of Plumas Lake House Church, meeting Roy and Carol Flaherty, meeting with others who were in similar situations as myself such as Terry and Diana, and those who had travelled great distances for this gathering together such as Tim and Danielle, Sergio Mejias-Mariana, and Joy McCloud. Not forgetting meeting Adam, Rebecca, Brad, Will, Alice, Anthony, Ryan, Gloria, Sergio and Rebecca. And many more!

I guess I cannot fail to mention God’s protection of us while in Florida at the time of Hurricane Matthew and the truly God ordained time of fellowship with our dear sister Kathy.

Another incredible evening was the Friday night baptisms before the conference. A wonderful evening at the Velasco’s home and such a privilege to be there to see Anthony’s family baptised as well as our new friends Tim and Danielle. I had not been to a baptism in 6 years! And the last one had been my own! I remember thinking how sad this was. Baptisms should be happening all the time and I haven’t been to one in 6 years?!? This really got me to thinking.

For me, our meeting together was glorious! And gave me just a glimpse at how incredibly awesome our ultimate gathering together to meet Him in the air is going to be! How I wish all my brothers and sisters could’ve shared my joy. One day we all will. And what a day that will be!

I am so thankful to God for my time in the States and for the love and fellowship of the saints there. I love and miss them all dearly! I have come away with a renewed passion and fervour that I want to share and don’t ever want to lose! Our Lord is gracious and glorious and deserving of our all!

If, like me, you have found yourself without a good, solid church to attend in your immediate area, struggling from a lack of fellowship, feeling isolated, alone and alienated. Don’t despair. You are not alone. There are more of us than you might think. Keep your eyes upon Jesus! He is able to provide for us even in the wilderness! And sometimes in ways you would never have believed!

I’ve been so thankful for the love and support of Moriel, Pastor Marco Quintana, the YouTube and livestream services of Community Church of Devore, David Nathan, Jacob, Marg Godwin, Michael Shafton, Pilgrim Fellowship, Plumas Lake House Church, Grant Vayne, and the Remnant Alliance.

For those who would like to see the conference sessions, they are available for viewing on Devore Truth’s YouTube channel.

Devore West Coast Bible Conference 2016 – Keeping the Faith in the End Times

Keeping the Faith in the End-Times – Session 1 – Jacob Prasch

Author Davy Rosengreen