I don’t know why I come up with silly blog titles like the one above it just seemed fun at the time. It’s Sunday afternoon and my sister, dad and niece just left from a brief stay over visit from the Bay Area. The weather outside was not frightful but perfectly beautiful and sunny with the abundance of birds singing in the background and the daily hummingbird display on all our five feeders.

We enjoyed one anothers company played card games while listening to music from our Hispanic heritage while making one another laugh. The next day when morning came we sat around eating scones and I shared with my sister another rare find, a pastor who actually preached from the Bible and taught the truth from the Bible a very rare commodity in a famished and starving land of biblical and spiritual proportions.

You can actually find a few good Bible teachers such as David Nathan, Marco Quintana, Jacob Prasch and newly discovered Paul Williams of Bethesda Shalom on Youtube found here: Bethesda Shalom Youtube and their website found here Bethesda Shalom

I really appreciate Pastor Paul’s straight forward and sober teaching from God’s word. Those who are of God’s remnant long for good solid teaching. Faithful and true fellowship in the Spirit of His name another rare find in these last days.

My sister and dad are now on their way home and I’m headed to the garden to pull weeds and beautify what I can so others can come here and rest while they stay for fellowship with us.

Rest and peace in the Lord in the Spirit is always found in Christ for the weary but the work of sharing the gospel is unending while there is still light my friends so work while it’s still light the darkness is coming soon. None of knows what tomorrow will bring.

Thank you Marco Quintana for your message today about God’s Righteousness . We all sat on the couch listening intently to our Pastor long distance. May God bless you richly for your faithfulness.