The Remnant Alliance

Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain..

About The Remnant

The Remnant Alliance is a Christian fellowship who’s vision is to gather the scattered disenfranchised sheep of God’s end of days church into fruitful fellowship and the preaching of the gospel to the unsaved world. We are believers focused on bringing coalescence to like-minded faithfulness back to Biblical Christianity throughout the world in the end-times and for the end-times. lone_sheep_overlooking_the_ocean_by_uberpicklemonkey-d4qg5w0

There are false teachers and false prophets within the church and we have left it to begin this Remnant Alliance. We know the time is short and darkness is coming, so we work while we still have the light. So wake up! strengthen the things that remain..

We need your help to keep working to get the word out.

If you have been encouraged by this site we provide a way you can help us to bring more scattered sheep together. Please consider giving to The Remnant Alliance though our Paypal account by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “About The Remnant

  1. Just signed up. Love this idea!!! We have been following Prasch, Oakland, Haller, and others for a couple of years now. I live in Alberta, Canada and we need a chapter/meet-up here 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment. We just had our inaugural meet-up and looking forward to the mini-con in September which features Jacob Prasch. Let us know how you are fellow-shipping up there in the North.


    2. We are home after our weekend Devore West Coast Bible conference with Jacob Prasch, David Nathan and Marco Quintana. We all had a wonderful time as we met many from across the states and new friends from Australia. We were talking about this very thing too, to travel to the different alliance fellowships and encourage one another.


    3. Thanks so much!
      I was just down in Devore (Southern Calif.) last month to administrate the Devore West Coast Bible Conference, where Jacob and David Nathan both taught. It was amazing and so fruitful. We need your prayers to keep this momentum going and to help connect scattered sheep across the globe together to better facilitate communication. We are in these last days and fellowship is vital to keeping in the faith in these last-days. Blessing to you!


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